Principal Davie Testifies at Ohio House

Principal Davie Testifies at Ohio House


By Muhammed Khan

In 2018, the United States Surgeon General officially declared that vaping among youth is an epidemic. There are 17 vape shops in Oxford. Seventeen. There’s little doubt that vaping is one of the most prominent issues affecting our youth today, and it’s recently been an important topic in Ohio’s House of Representatives. Our very own Principal Davie played an official role in that conversation on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023, when he testified before the Ohio House. His testimony can be viewed here (beginning at 37:15): 

Mr. Davie’s recent testimony involves the proposed House Bill 258. This bill would increase fines for repeatedly selling tobacco products to minors. It would also apply the public nuisance law to locations at which such sales occur. Davie was given the opportunity to speak on his thoughts about the bill after one of the aids for Representative Sarah Caruthers reached out to him. To prepare for his testimony, Davie reviewed the bill and had discussed it with our health and wellness coordinator, Amy Macechko. He also had to submit a written testimony in advance.

According to Mr. Davie, this bill is an important first step towards addressing the issue of vaping. At the same time, he says that “the fact that it only addresses tobacco vapes is kind of limiting in its scope.” He feels that another bill will definitely be needed to expand on HB 258.

So what is THS doing to counteract the issue of vaping? According to Mr. Davie, our school’s approach is a bit unique. “We actually don’t out of school suspend on the first, second, or even third offense for tobacco vape usage here, which is very different from what a lot of our neighboring districts do,” Davie said. We have ISA, but also some preventative coursework. If there is an additional offense, they have to meet with our health and wellness coordinator in addition to completing coursework. Mr. Davie says that Mrs. Macechko is a very key player, and she does a great job staying  up to date on trends, legislations, and good programs. She also does work to secure grant funds.

If House Bill 258 passes, it will make a big difference in how we handle vape-related offenses on the seller’s side of the issue. It is a very important step that needs to be taken to combat this serious issue. However, as Mr. Davie said, there would still be much left to do to truly push back against the spread of vaping and other drug-usage in general amongst minors.