Tribune Staff

2023-24 Staff

This year, Tribune relocated its newsroom to beloved educator Christene Alfonsi’s former classroom, room 315.  Tribune members who had Ms. Alfonsi as a teacher miss her a lot, have frequent cry sessions, and we hope that the kids at Butler Tech know just how lucky they are to have her as their English teacher.  In honor of Ms. Alfonsi and her phenomenal writing instruction, we’ve made some Taylor Swift inspired friendship bracelets featuring our “power” words and phrases for the 2023-2024 school year.



Waxy: “Win.”  Win means to triumph daily despite difficulties and to celebrate even the small victories.

Will Salzarulo:  “Vengeance.”  Because “I’m vengeance.”  

Tom Fisher:  “The Man, The Myth, The Legend.”  Yeah, that’s me.

Garrison Franks:  “Alrightuhh.”  Universal response to anything.

Sadie Abbitt:  “WWWD.”  What Would Waxy Do.

Jesse Troy.  “Pogloot.”  The perfect word to describe this year.

Catherine Moul:  “Smart but Silly.”  A quote from Christene Alfonsi describing me and my friends, and it’s a a good way to live. Put in effort, try your best, and have fun:)

Liv Mcgownd:  “well…”  Works in all situations.

Eliza Sullivan:  “Cite your sources.”  I like hard-hitting news, but I hate unsubstantiated claims.

Morgan Sly:  “Slay.”  Response to anything.

Luca Berberich:  “Snailfish.”  The fish I will be writing my first article about–a hardy creature that can survive in environments not others can <3. Also, I like fish.

Lily Franks:  “Woman Moment.” Woman Moment is all encompassing. It’s a fool proof response to questions like “are you okay” or “why are you crying”; It’s something you say in moments overcome with emotion, whether they’re negative or positive. At face value, it can sound like an overused misogynistic joke or maybe a deprecating “you’re being really emotional right now.” But to those who Understand, “I’m having a woman moment” acknowledges those stereotypes and pokes fun at anyone who sees a display of emotion and labels it as a weakness. Woman Moment is a disclaimer: “I was having a woman moment” says I was being silly, and maybe a little irrational, but it’s also declaration. I am here to learn and experience everything I possibly can, but above all, I am here to be silly and to have fun. As Barbie (2023) put it, this makes me emotional and I’m expressing it. I have no difficulty holding both logic and emotion at the same time, and it does not diminish my powers, it expands them. Woman Moment is about feeling at feel capacity and embracing it.”

Julie Page: “Happiness.” Yay!!!— Because why not?

Muhammed Khan:  “Never back down never what? Never give up!”  These words were stated by popular Fortnite gamer Nick Eh 30. Truly inspiring.