Review: Star Wars – Jedi: Survivor



Review: Star Wars – Jedi: Survivor

By: Will Salzarulo

Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order. Considering that The Game Awards haven’t even released dates for their awards show it is hard to say if Survivor will be nominated for any awards (but it probably will). Survivor greatly improves on the groundwork that Fallen Order laid in 2019. Survivor’s gameplay is very similar to the Souls series of games which are known to be some of the hardest video games ever made. While Survivor is easier than Souls it is definitely still difficult

Survivor takes place 9 years before A New Hope (1977) and 5 years after Fallen Order. You play as Cal Kestis, a Jedi Survivor, who was only a child when everything he knew crumbled to the ground. Cal tries to rebuild the order throughout both games but focuses on bringing down the empire in the second. Survivor doesn’t focus on stories such as Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption II, Survivor mainly focuses on gameplay. Which has been greatly improved since Fallen Order. In addition, the difficulty in Survivor is far harder than in Fallen Order. Survivor has 5 tiers of difficulty;

1. Story

Story Mode just focuses on the story with little to no combat challenge

2. Jedi Padawan

Jedi Padawan is a new difficulty mode for players who are new to the gameplay of the Souls type of gameplay 

3. Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight is the middle-of-the-road difficulty. It still is very difficult for people who have only played Fallen Order but combat can still be very fun and rewarding.

4. Jedi Master

Jedi Master is one step up from Jedi Knight difficulty. It is mainly made for Souls players who don’t want to die every 4 minutes or Fallen Order players who thought that the game was too easy.

5. Jedi Grandmaster

Jedi Grandmaster is the hardest difficulty setting in the game. It is made for gamers who want to be punished for the slightest mistake. 

I picked Jedi Knight difficulty because I wanted a gameplay challenge but it was way more challenging than I was expecting. There were times when I kept on dying to a specific boss and I’ve gotten to the point where I had to take a break because it was getting too frustrating. I’ve even considered changing the difficulty level however I never did because I felt like I had to beat it on Jedi Knight. 

Survivor was developed by Electronic Arts and their studio Respawn Entertainment. The same company that made Titanfall 1 & 2; Jedi: Fallen Order; Apex Legends; and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Jedi: Survivor started development shortly after Fallen Order’s release in 2019. I have not finished the game yet so I’m not sure if there will be a sequel but I hope there will be. Cal Kestis is such a well-written character especially later in the game. 

With all that being said. I’m giving Star Wars – Jedi: Survivor a 9/10