Best of 2022: Jordan and Morgan on T. Swift’s ‘Midnights”

Jordan and Morgan on T. Swift’s Midnights

By Morgan Sly and Jordan Gresham

Morgan Overall Review: Songs like “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” are very high points on the album, because I love a good acoustic moment. Taylor returns to 1989 and Reputation-style pop music with songs like Bejeweled and Lavender Haze. She dives into her own insecurities in songs like “Anti-Hero.” “Hits Different” is my favorite song overall, with its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and amazingly constructed bridge. Sadly, it’s not available to stream on Spotify, but I’m counting on it soon. I love Midnights overall, but there are some songs that don’t stand out as much. I love a slower-paced ballad, but songs like “Bigger Than The Whole Sky” and “Dear Reader” never catch my attention. And the 3 am tracks, as a whole, weren’t up to par with the rest of the album. Album Rating- 9/10

Morgan Ranks the Songs:

  1. Hits Different
  2. Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve
  3.  You’re On Your Own Kid
  4.  Anti-Hero
  5.  Lavender Haze
  6.  Bejeweled
  7.  Maroon
  8.  Snow on the Beach
  9.  The Great War
  10.  Question…?
  11.  Karma
  12.  Midnight Rain
  13.  Labyrinth
  14.  High infidelity
  15. Mastermind
  16. Paris
  17.  Vigilante Sh*t
  18.  Glitch
  19. Sweet nothing
  20.  Bigger than the whole sky
  21.  Dear reader

Jordan Overall Review- I feel that when she pulls out her pop perfection roots for songs such as Question…?, Bejeweled, Lavender Haze, Karma, Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, and Vigilante Sh*t, they make Midnights, Midnights. I wish she had released Hits Different on Spotify because that is THE pop song of the year. I don’t care—bad decision on Taylor’s part. The Lower Points of the album are her slower songs. I’m sorry, I love sad/ sentimental TSwift, but Bigger Than the Whole Sky, Sweet Nothing, and low-key Dear Reader are all kind of a snooze. The 3 AM tracks are either hits or misses, but truthfully there are no skips on the album. There are definitely some I find myself skipping depending on my mood, but they’re all so good. ALSO bonus point I did get the mahogany vinyl SIGNED. Yes, SIGNED by Ms. Taylor Alison Swift. That’s cool, Ticketmaster was not. But more of that is to come, so stay tuned. Album Rating- 10/10

Jordan Ranks the Songs:

  1. Question…?
  2. Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve
  3. Midnight Rain
  4. Lavender Haze
  5. Maroon
  6. Vigilante S–t
  7. You’re On Your Own Kid
  8. Bejeweled
  9. Labyrinth
  10. Karma
  11. Snow on the Beach
  12. Mastermind
  13. The Great War
  14. Paris
  15. Glitch
  16. Dear Reader
  17. High Infidelity  
  18. Anti-Hero 
  19. Bigger Than the Whole Sky
  20. Sweet Nothings