Talawanda Covid Policies

Talawanda Covid Policies


OXFORD, OH — At the school board meeting on Sept. 20 many parents raised concerns about coronavirus policies that they find unfair. So who actually makes these policies, and who should you contact to raise concerns?


The Board of Education makes policies.  The Superintendent and Treasurer implement and enforce policies.  The Superintendent and Treasurer work with the Board of Education members to make decisions.  We also provide ideas, information, and recommendations to the Board.  The Board makes their decisions at Board of Education meetings,” Dr. Theroux, the Talawanda superintendent, said. 

Regarding who people should contact if they have concerns, “They always may contact the Board of Education members.  They may also contact the Superintendent and Treasurer.  If it is not a policy type of issue, we recommend that the individual contact the teacher first, then the principal, then the district level, then the Superintendent or Treasurer (might be financially related), and lastly the Board.  Almost all of the time the answers and solutions can be provided at a lower level,” Dr. Theroux said.

So, if your parents/guardians have any serious concerns about coronavirus policies related to masks, they should decide who to contact based on how serious the issue is. Usually, answers can be found at lower levels. However, if needed it is completely acceptable to contact the Board of Education members directly.


There’s also the issue of quarantining policies. Currently, people who have been vaccinated do not have to quarantine when exposed to the virus. On the other hand, those who have not been vaccinated do have to be quarantined. This particular issue is not handled by the Board of Education. Rather, it is a result of decisions made by the Butler County Health Department. 

Link to Butler County General Health District Guidelines

The policies set forth by the Butler County Health Department are in accordance with those recommended by the CDC. “CDC guidance provides that people who are fully vaccinated do not need to participate in screening testing and do not need to be quarantined if they do not have any symptoms,” their website says. The Butler County Health Department is using this policy, which is why Talawanda is following it as well. A list of other CDC Guidelines can be found at this link

There are ways to contact both the Butler County Health Department and the CDC if you have questions about these policies. You can check their websites to find contact information. However, the policies are created by professionals who ultimately have the final say in what happens. It is unlikely that policies will be changed unless a very large number of people protest them.