Tribune Appreciates Talawanda Teachers

Tribune Appreciates Talawanda Teachers

By Staff

Tuesday, May 4 is Teacher Appreciation Day, and the staff of The Talawanda Tribune has some amazing educators to thank for all of their hard work and dedication, especially during this difficult school year.

I appreciate Mr. Caudill for being energetic and engaging.  –Muhammed Khan

Ms. Claire: Thank you for always being so willing to help students with art tips and materials.  –Rita Zhou Wang

I appreciate Mr. McGhehey, Mr. Schmid and Mr. Pasquale for always making me laugh with their hilarious impersonations.  –Waxy

Ms. Kruger is an amazing teacher who always manages to make everything interesting.  –Morgan Sly

Mrs. Squance: thank you for preparing students so well for the AP test and giving everyone good book reccomendations.  –Rita Zhou Wang

As my mother and a teacher, Ms. Webb is very unique in my eyes, since I’ve seen firsthand how much work and effort she’s put into her classes this year. She cares deeply for each individual student and really does the most to make sure everyone is as engaged as possible. Sometimes I think you have to see that kind of work up close in order to really understand the significance of what your teachers do for you.  –K.E. Fisher