THS Cross Country District Meet Results

The THS boys and girls cross country teams ran a great race at the District Meet on Saturday, October 24th, at Cedarville University. The top 7 male and top 7 female runners on the team competed, both of whom were in Division 1 for their races and ran in Race B. The boys team took 5th place in their race, and the girls took 2nd. Both teams have runners who are able to advance to the Regional Meet. 

The results are shown below: 

Boys Division 1 Race B:

Final Standings Score Scoring Order Total Avg. Spread
5 Talawanda 125 3-10-24-39-49(51)(52) 1:26:33 17:19 2:39.1


Athlete Yr. # Team Score Time Gap Avg. Mile Avg. KM
3 BELL, Kiefer JR 2654 Talawanda 3 15:48.6 13.1 5:05.0 3:09.7
10 MURRAY, Logan JR 2655 Talawanda 10 16:47.0 1:10.5 5:23.8 3:21.4
24 BARTEL, Jens SR 2653 Talawanda 24 17:26.8 1:51.3 5:36.6 3:29.4
39 WEST POLEY, Luke JR 2658 Talawanda 39 18:02.8 2:27.3 5:48.2 3:36.6
49 URAYAMA, Greg JR 2657 Talawanda 49 18:27.7 2:52.2 5:56.1 3:41.5
51 ZAZYCKI, Daryl JR 2659 Talawanda 51 18:31.1 2:55.6 5:57.3 3:42.2
52 BURNS, Maddox FR 2656 Talawanda 52 18:37.0 3:00.5 5:59.2 3:43.4


Girls Division 1 Race B:

Athlete Yr. # Team Score Time Gap Avg. Mile Avg. KM
2 LIPPINCOTT, Hannah JR 2167 Talawanda 2 18:55.3 15.1 6:05.0 3:47.1
4 IDEN, Maddy SR 2166 Talawanda 4 19:40.6 1:00.4 6:19.6 3:56.1
12 FARMER, Libby SR 2163 Talawanda 12 20:23.3 1:43.1 6:33.3 4:04.7
16 IDEN, Lilly SO 2165 Talawanda 16 20:36.1 1:55.9 6:37.5 4:07.2
21 CARVER, Kylee SO 2162 Talawanda 21 21:08.3 2:28.1 6:47.8 4:13.6
32 WALTER, Bella JR 2168 Talawanda 32 22:21.5 3:41.3 7:11.4 4:28.3
34 HUBBARD, Brooke SR 2164 Talawanda 34 22:49.9 4:09.7 7:20.5 4:34.0


All official results can be found here:


Keifer Bell placed 3rd in his race with Logan Murray in 10th. “The boys were ranked fifth coming into the meet.  The top four were to advance to the Regional Meet.  They beat one of the teams ranked ahead of them.  Unfortunately, Bellbrook, who was ranked behind us, ran a great race and slipped ahead of us,” Coach Stiver said. Hannah Lippincott placed 2nd in her race with other Talawanda runners close behind. The girls won the runner-up trophy. “This marks the fourth year in a row that they have qualified to the Regional Meet . . . This has been one of the most successful girls cross country teams in school history,” Coach Stiver said. 

This Saturday, October 31st, the team will be competing in the Regional Meet at Troy Memorial Park. Out of the 11 girls teams who are top ranked in the state, 7 of them will be at the meet. The top 5 teams and 20 individuals in the race will be able to advance to the State Meet. “It will be stiff competition, but our girls are looking forward to facing the best,” said Coach Stiver. The girls will be represented by Hannah Lippincott, Maddy Iden, Libby Farmer, Lilly Iden, Kylee Carver, Brooke Hubbard, and Bella Walter. There will also be some of the best runners from around the state running in the boys race. Keifer Bell and Logan Murray will be representing the boys for Talawanda. “Kiefer is excited about trying to return to the State Meet for a second consecutive year and Logan is looking to improve his finish from last year,” Coach Stiver said. The top 20 runners will be able to advance to the State Meet. The team is prepared to run hard and try their best to get to the State Meet and perhaps even beyond that.

Photos Below by Jennifer Walter