December Horoscope

Mercury in retrograde ends on December first, making communication easier during the holidays, but before we get to the holidays we have to get through the finals. With the sun in Sagittarius, a fire sign, we should be able to keep our heads up. Then on December 20  we enter hard working Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean we should not relax.


Impulsive behavior when you are stressed is a go-to, but you need to challenge that way of panicking and use your get stuff done attitude to study for your exams. Be careful with your New Year’s goals, they may end up being more than you can chew — know your limits.


Do not put off studying, but keep your self care in check. Do not let this insane time of year disrupt your internal balance.  Your relationships will become more easy to handle, relieving some of your internal stress. This time would be great to have some friends over for simple fun for the holidays.


You are always looking for the next big thing to do, but reflection for this time of year would be best. After the madness of the holidays passes by us, you need to take time for inward reflection and contemplation for the next year ahead.

You will achieve your goals you’ve been waiting a long time for. It will come suddenly, and afterward life will get much easier for you. All you need is to have the energy to give that final push all you’ve got. You can do it. Spend some time around a natural source/k of water to recharge your emotional energy, you will need to be at full strength for the new year.  


Fellow Leos, we have been contemplating this year and the things we lost and the ones we lost. But we have chosen to learn the lessons being taught to us.  A change of emotional pace is heading your way The holidays are about fun — you might as well do some fun before this year ends!


You pressure yourself too much and during times of testing this will be at its highest, but stressing yourself out only will cause failure in the end, and since we will be in sagittarius for most of this month, you should follow the relaxed fire sign and take a much earned break from your never-ending self pressure. The path you are headed on is the correct one; you will make it.


You have gathered all the information this year has wanted you to learn. But now you have to put it into action to get the best out of the next year, making the right choices will ensure you’re on the correct path. Use this power to manifest a goal for the new year.


Something you’ve been worrying about will turn into something very good for you, for a little while. You need to move on from something you’ve been holding on for too long. The dread you’ve been feeling is unfounded and positive energy is heading your way in the new year.


Happy Birthday! Your birthday month will be a good one for you, but there are many changing things happening in the material world this month. Something you thought you would lose is coming back to you, even better than before.


Happy early Birthday! You need to have a imagination when it comes to next year’s plans! You should try something new to broaden your horizons,It may be something that will change your life for the better! Breaking bad habits could also be very helpful to you as well this 2019.


Strong and positive energies are coming your way, if you put your mind to it you can achieve it. But you must accept that this change will change  your life around a lot, creating almost a “new normal.” The thing you need to make this happen is a good amount of effort.

Your worries have been overwhelming you this month, but you can finally take a break from their stronghold on you. The future will be kinder to you than the past, but you still hold the power to make it even better. Use your powerful mind to make your dreams come to fruition.

Photo credit:  A. Weatherwax