Schmid’s Weekly Wardrobe

OXFORD, OH — We have many teachers here at Talawanda High school, but one that always stands out to us is the witty and comical Mr. Schmid, but have you ever took a moment to look at his outfits throughout the week?  Does the Academic Challenge coach, sports stats guy, basketball announcer, science teacher extraordinaire who is married to his work have style?

Schmid said, “No.  I have five shirts.  I don’t think I have a sense of style. I am pretty confident most shirts match khakis. I know my Sambas (Shoes) fit, so I can just get those. I guess apathy towards fashion is my sense of fashion”

Schmid has had an outfit cycle for about eight years. He was inspired by the math teachers. “Blue shirt Wednesday,” and said, “I was typically wearing a white dress shirt on Monday and a Talawanda shirt on Friday. I figured I only needed two more shirts.”

Schmid recently had a pants mishap and had to wear a pair of jeans with his Wednesday outfit. He explained how he felt when he had to wear a different outfit, “Anytime I am off-schedule with my outfits it is strange. I can function, but it is just visually weird to wear jeans with my dress shirt.”

Do other students comment on his wardrobe choice? Or does only a small amount of people that notice this weekly routine? Schmid shared, “Typically, students don’t notice until they are told in some way. Most students claim I am not following a schedule, but those kids just didn’t follow the schedule appropriately.”

Now most people who have a routine like this normally have a sense of fashion, but not Schmid. He said, “I don’t have an eye to determine whether something is fashionable or not” Maybe he was inspired by someone? Schmid states, “In terms of fashion?? No one. I really could care less about my clothes. I mean, I need to wear them.”

Most people like to find the perfect outfit for work days that is comfortable and flexible. Perhaps Schmid had a favorite spot? Where did he get his weekly outfits? Schmid spilled, “A store. Typically JCPenney or Kohl’s. I just wander around until something screams Tuesday to me.”

Most people that go shopping typically take someone with them to help decide what looks best on them. Did Schmid have a shopping pal? His mom? Schmid shared, “Mom used to be pretty well picking out Thursday clothes. Dad is a zero chance. He bought me a Taz sweatshirt for Christmas five years ago. I don’t wear sweatshirts. And Taz, as a thirty seven year old. Yeesh!”

Schmid always wears the same pair of shoes with every outfit, no matter what day. Schmid keeps two pairs of the same Sambas in his room, a muddy pair and a just-in-case pair, that he states has holes in the sides of them. And then he has his everyday pair. All three pairs of Sambas are black Adidas with white stripes and a brown sole.

** Please note the same facial expression and standing position Schmid gives us in each picture**


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