A Senior’s Search: I know What I Don’t Want To Do

OXFORD — Here I am sitting in Mr. Davie’s office again:

“How about you check out this college?” Mr. Davie asks.

“Ehh. I don’t know,” I replied.

Being a senior is difficult. You get so overwhelmed with all of the different responsibilities you have to take on. The ACT becomes more and more embedded in your mind. You have that dreaded “senior talk,” when you feel like you need to have an exact plan. I am sorry Mr. Davie, but that’s not the case.

Everyone always says “you don’t need to know exactly what you wanna do.” But, as a senior, you really have the pressure that you do. The second you hear one of your peers start talking about college, and how they already know where they are going, you immediately think you should know where you are going.

I don’t even know what I want to major in, let alone what I’m gonna do. During my junior year I really wanted to be a pharmacist. After taking a career and college readiness class, I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to be anymore. Later that year I took a vacation, by plane. I’m specifying that it was by plane because I fell in love with flying. Once I got off the plane, after reaching my destination, I was almost more excited about the fact that I was gonna be flying again in order to return home, than I was being on vacation.

I did so much research, and decided to go for it. Being a flight attendant was my dream job, and I’ve always said that. I researched some schools, and academies I could go to. My dad had found one in Washington state. I did some more research, what I was constantly doing, and realized that I wanted to go tour. Yeah, well that never really worked out. 

The more I thought about it, and how far that is, and what being a flight attendant really entailed, I realized it wasn’t for me. I think getting a degree in something is more ideal.  

On to the next career.