Class VR Coming to Talawanda

Waxy was right when she said “oh, woah!” This year students will see class from a new perspective as all of the Talawanda buildings received eight virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) headsets that the teachers can use to have the students view three-dimensional objects as well as view pictures and videos in 360 degrees. The new VR headsets are from the Class VR company which will allow the teachers to set up lessons in hundreds of categories from space to shopping. After they have chosen a lesson or lessons they can send it to the students to view and explore. After the lesson has started the teachers can see exactly what all the students are looking at and create focus points that the headset will lead the student toward by leaving them a trail to follow and pointing out the object that the teacher has selected.

Possibly the biggest thing with the headsets is the use in the classroom, which will be the only place they can be used due to students not being able to check them during the Tutorial period. This means that if you miss the day you are using them, you will not be able to make up the assignment. From the looks of it social studies, science, and English will be using the technology the most, and when I asked English and Creative Writing teacher Mr. Aerni about the VR headsets he said that they could be used to see past events and historical sites in a new way. In fact, if teachers can find 360 videos or pictures of something, they can upload it to the headsets and students can see it in VR.

Another big thing is what is needed to use the headsets. The Chromebook waiver will cover the headsets according to Mr.Yuva, but he also warned that you should sit down when you use it so that you do not accidentally hurt yourself or someone else. More safety warnings were that you should only use them for short periods of time or you could feel sick. Also, they could be hard to use with glasses and you cannot move the VR by moving in real life. You can, however, use a thumbs-up to confirm things in the main menu or by pressing a button on the side of the headset.


VR Headset on top of teacher guide.  Notice cushioning for comfort.


Ms. Ruther tries the new VR headset during an early release Wednesday teacher training.


Ms. Raynold also tries the new tech.


Waxy says “Whoa” when watching a shark swim by in 360 view.


Tribune reporter Logan gives the thumbs-up to choose a VR experience to view.

IMG_9224 (1)

The headsets come in a portable box for classroom use.