Lessons From the Field: Surprises

Welcome to my new column in the Talawanda Tribune, Lessons From the Field. Here, I’ll tell stories about my TV and sports work at Talawanda, and teach you a few lessons I’ve learned along the way. Plus, I’ll go behind the scenes of the things I cover and take you back to the many experiences in sports and media I’ve had across the country.

If you told me my freshman year at Talawanda that I would host a daily sports segment on the announcements, be the student body president one day, and the homecoming king another, I think I would have told you to stop dreaming.

Seriously. How did this all happen? How did a quiet, under-the-radar, strict rule follower take on the most powerful student position in the school — and become a celebrity here?

And to be honest with you, I really don’t have an answer.

I remember that first day of the second semester Freshman year when I walked into Mr. Z’s Digital Productions Class first period. I remember nothing of what happened that first day — except a phrase Z said about going on the news.

“You will be a public figure here whether you like it or not.”

Pretty true. Whether I like it or not.

One thing my mentors in broadcasting have told me is to watch out. Everyone will recognize you. Everyone will criticize you. Everyone will know you, and they don’t need your permission for that to happen.

Being on the news has plenty of benefits. I get to tell the school whatever I want everyday. I’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I never have to raise my hand on the first day of class for attendance because everyone already knows me. Even the substitutes.

Without The Final with Patty G, I don’t think I would be the student body president. I sure as heck wouldn’t be homecoming king. And probably not everyone would know my name. Everyone knows me, and I didn’t give them my permission. But I kind of did when I signed up for the class.

When your name is out there, everyone thinks of it. And when they know who you are and what you’re all about, they will vote for you. They will support you. And for the most part, they will like you.

How far I’ve gotten is definitely a surprise to me. So is seeing my name at the top of the government list. So is answering to “Patty G” more than Patrick. So is walking in front of everyone at a football game and hearing my name announced as homecoming king. I still haven’t comprehended it.

To be surprised, you must surprise others with things they don’t expect. Hold the door in the morning. Say hi when you walk past someone. Develop a relationship and recognize similarities with another person beyond the boundaries of school. Go above and beyond and work hard in everything you do. And no matter who comes your way, always be kind to them. People will notice. Trust me.

And that’s kind of how I wound up with it, I guess.

Patrick Geshan hosts “The Final with Patty G” weekdays on Brave TV.

Patty G CanvasFast Fact box created with Canva and photo taken by Camry W-N.  Cover Photo for “Lessons From the Field” taken by Camry W-N.