No Hoco Bro

With Homecoming coming up, we can count on seeing “Hoco Proposals” all over our socials. However there is another side to these proposals: the response. Those that are stuck in an uncomfortable situation can feel overwhelmed and not know how to respond. In general, make sure that the person you are asking feels comfortable with it. If you’re dating the person, “talking” to them, or have mentioned it before and got a positive response, you’re probably good to go. When in doubt, if you are unsure of whether or not the person wants to go with you, ask them privately beforehand how they would feel about a “Hoco Proposal.” Then if you’re feeling super extra, go ahead and make a sign and give them candy with a coordinated pun.

Without any further introduction, the writers here at The Tribune have compiled a list of possible ways to turn down an awkward ask for a doomed date:

  • RUN!!!!
  • “I already have plans with friends”
  • “I’m waiting till marriage.”
  • *finger guns* “Stop right there buddy.”
  • “I’m allergic to dances.”
  • “It’s against my religion.”
  • *in library* “Sorry, I’m booked”
  • “We might get caught” *shifty eyes*
  • “I am getting my eyes waxed during homecoming”
  • “Thanks, but no.” *dab*
  • “I already am taking my mom/dad/brother/dog/gerbil/trash panda”
  • *runs away* “YEEEEEET!”
  • “I only see you as a friend”
  • “You’re too slow! I’m going with someone else.”
  • “So you asked me to Homecoming.”
  • “Can my mom come?”
  • “I’m sorry, it’s on my dog’s birthday.”