Diversity Club FAQ

Oxford, OH — If you’re a person who likes to keep up with the clubs at Talawanda, you may not know all of them. Diversity Club seems like it would only be for LGBTQ students, and it is true that it was started as a club to support LGBTQ students, but that doesn’t mean if you’re not LGBTQ, you can’t hang out there. It’s members want to be accepting of people with different political views and from different backgrounds.

1.Who runs it?  
Answer: Ella Cope and Gage Evans are the leaders. Gage Evans is the President, Ella Cope is the Vice president.

2.Who were the founding members?  
Answer:  Laurel Tilton was a founding member of the club in its current inception.

3.Why did Tilton start diversity club?  
Answer: Tilton started the club to make a better space for LGBTQ students.

4.How could Talawanda be better at treating LGBTQ students?  
Answer: “The administration should take a strong stance against bullying. Which they have and continue to do,” Cope said.

5.How can someone our ages be more understanding to LGBT students?
Answer  “They should recognize that  diversity matters and that especially diversity of opinion matters. You should use your voice to advocate for things you believe in rather than tear down,” Cope said.

6.What can someone do if they feel like there being discriminated by a fellow student?  
Answer: “You should go to a adult you trust first, but that can be hard to do so and that a friend can be really good as going to an adult. Have your friends band together, protect each other.  We’re here to support and available for everyone,” Cope said.

7.Do you hope more students would come to diversity club in the near future ?
Answer: “Absolutely! We’re welcome to everyone!  Please come, please come. We have food sometimes,” Evans said.

8.Do you think in Diversity should get more representation by the school?
Answer: “Yes! We’d love to be in more non-Diversity school funded things” Cope said.

9.Who is Diversity Club for? 
 Answer:  “Diversity Club is for anyone seeking a friend group and for anyone seeking to be more socially active. It’s also for anyone who has questions who is curious and is open to new ideas” Cope and Evans said.

10.What is  your current theme in Diversity Club?  
Answer: “Increased activism. The central theme now is increased activism  and to expand our meaning of diversity. Were actively trying to include more demographics, ” Cope said.

If you’re interested in going to Diversity Club, it meets Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 after school in room 312. It’s informal so you can just show up. However, because of a project that they are working on, they’ve been in Art Club on Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 recently where they can work on the project. When the project is complete they will be returning to Mrs. Petro’s room for meetings.