HOCO Probs

Dear Asking for a Friend:
I’m going to Homecoming with a guy that I really like and I’m super excited, but I have no idea how to dance!! HALP MEH
~person that can’t dance

Dear person that can’t dance,
Best bet is to Google it and see what’s new and easy to do. Don’t go overboard. Might as well even let your date know that you’re pretty bad at dancing right off the bat. It’ll stop them from being disappointed and he’ll have something cute to watch when you do actually try to dance.

If you need some additional guidance consult:


Dear Asking for a Friend:
somebody pls go to hoco with me im lonely
sincerely i have no friends

Hi “i have no friends,”
If you need somebody to dance with, hit me up. I’ll be dancing near the middle (far away from the grind-lines) with some of my socially awkward homeschooled friends. I’m really tall and I guarantee I’ll be the only girl wearing pants. My outfit is a vibrant, obnoxious blue. I look forward to awkwardly dancing with you.

Journalist Who Hangs With Homeschooled Kids

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