Ten Ways to Prepare for Christmas

10: Break your back getting all those decorations out. Best to have a chiropractor on speed dial

9: Get used to being poked by pine needles from the Christmas tree

8: Snow…. Everywhere

7: Car crashes are inevitable when the roads are this icy, so it’s a good time to have insurance

6: Get medical insurance too, for when you need to fight someone for your child’s gift

5: Be sure to read their wish lists, because if you get them the wrong gift, they’ll hate you forever

4: Expect to be woken up really early on a day off work when you just want to sleep in

3: Listen to the same music on TV and the radio over and over again

2: Getting sick from drinking nothing but eggnog at the boring Christmas party

1: Suffer the Christmas aftermath depression

IMG_6877 (2) 2

Feature Photo Cred:  Madi Hickman