Tribune Tries It: Gingerbread Wars

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2016 Talawanda Tribune reporters tried what is all the rage at area elementary schools this holiday season: making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers.

First, you need to get your supplies which include icing (homemade or store-bought), graham crackers, and candy to decorate your houses:candy

Next, you decide how you want your house to look.  Here one of our teams got some ideas from the internet:onlinetutorial

Then you cut your graham crackers.  They can break easily so be patient and have plenty of extra just in case:crackercut

Then you go to work carefully assembling your graham cracker structure.  Here Team 1 makes use of Austin Hibbard’s skills that he learned in Pastry Arts:boy'sconstruction

Here Team 2 assembles their structure on a foundation of grass made by piping frosting.  Mary Kate looks a bit nervous.girl'sfrosting

Don’t forget to take a break to enjoy some frosting:boysfrosting

Team 1 also uses their frosting to create some snow on the roof of their structure:boysroof

Finally, you decorate your masterpiece:

Team 1:  The Snack Shack


Team 2:  The Holiday Bunker


Here are our creations side-by-side:houses

Don’t forget to clean-up.  girl'smess


Vote for your favorite in Gingerbread Wars:


Team 1                                                                 Team 2