Hallomemes- Meme Spooktacular

It’s the best time of the year.


Get your “trigger-treat” on.

Triggeredx9000 - when you can't go trick or treating

Why doesn’t the school have a day where we all dress up in our costumes?


Just don’t dress up as clowns. You’ll probably get arrested.


This should be you, Halloween night.



The Meme Team hope you all have a “spoopy” Halloween, and be safe and stay away from the sketchy clowns. Also, if you do have a costume this year, the Tribune would love to see what you have in store! Email Amanda Weatherwax (weatherwaxa@talawanda.org), Madi Hickman (hickmanma@talawanda.org), or Mary Kate Huddleston (huddlestonma@talawanda.org), to get your costume featured in our next article!