Heart of Mexico in Talawanda

On Sept. 22, 2016 at the Talawanda High School auditorium, the Mexican dance group, Corazon de Mexico (Heart of Mexico), paid the school a visit with their talent of dance and music from the many different places across Mexico. The event lasted for an hour, showing the students many different kinds of dances from the different states in Mexico. They started the event off with a dance of six women, followed by a tap dance consisting of three women and three men. The director of the event came out to introduce their dance with the handkerchief. Dancing with a handkerchief in Mexico is a sign of affection to the other dancer.


Students volunteered to try out the handkerchief dance to demonstrate how it was. After the students had stepped down, the dancer had returned to show off a dance where they balanced a glass of water on top of their heads. Students volunteered to try it out, but the cups were emptied.


When the cup was filled, one of Talawanda’s own, Mr. Pierson, volunteered to try out the dance. He was able to get through the dance without spilling the cup of water. At the end of the event, they finished off with the classic Mexican Hat Dance. 

The Corazon de Mexico will be performing at the Hispanic Heritage Festival on Friday, Sept., 23, 2016 at 5:30 PM.

Source: A. Hibbard, Photographer