THS Flag Runners Talk

On Friday, Sept. 16, 2016 THS Flag runners Dylan Hacker and Austin Hibbard sat down and talked flag running

Hacker: Hibbard, wouldn’t you say that it’s pretty cool to be the recipients of the flags from the 2016 seniors?

Hibbard: Yeah I’d say so, I think we got lucky on that.

Hacker: I’d say we’re pretty “known” in our class by our peers. It wasn’t too much of a surprise since we go to most if not all of the football games.

Hibbard: I agree. I always love going to the football games.

Hacker: Do you think it’s intimidating to run the flags in front of all of the Talawanda football fans every friday home game?

Hibbard: Not at all.

Hacker: I’d have to agree. I love the adrenaline it gives. Being in front of all those people gives us the attention, which I like.

Hibbard: It’s better than being restricted to the stands. I feel more involved in the game.

Hacker: Do you think it’s a coincidence that I’m the first flag runner?

Hibbard: No, I think it is just because you are the slowest out of us three.

Hacker: Good point.