Agario: The World of Colorful Cells

Agario is a multiplayer game in which players have to eat competitors or be eaten while striving to dominate the world of colorful cells. As dozens of circles of varying sizes bounce around your screen,  the main goal is to build your cell and get to the leaderboard. Players grow their cell by bumping into other cells and absorbing them. If you are absorbed you will then have to start over.

agarioAgario was released in April of 2015, and it can be played on your mobile device by downloading the app or you can play in a web browser. Agario offers a spectator mode where you can just watch other people play. Players can change the appearance of their dot by choosing a “skin.” Choices range from politics to plants.

Agario is played worldwide and you can bet Talawanda has joined in the craze. Austin Hibbard, a junior at Talawanda High School believes students are becoming addicted to this game. “Most people are playing this game when they should be doing work.” As a student teacher, Ms. Harper has to constantly tell her students to stay on task.