Review: Dead Sara’s “Pleasure to Meet You”

dead-sara-pleasure-to-meet-youFun fact: No one in Dead Sara is named Sara. And no one in Dead Sara is dead. Weird name, right?

Inaccurate name aside, I was a huge fan of their 2012 debut album. Dead Sara’s strength lies in their energy and intensity, which their debut had in spades. Fortunately, Pleasure to Meet You does as well, which brings welcome memories of the debut. This album is able to remind listeners of their first album without being a rehash of it.

One of Dead Sara’s ultimate assets is lead singer Emily Armstrong, who provides one of the strongest and most intense vocal performances I have heard in a while. She pushes herself past what you’d expect, and she does it so naturally that its hard not to be impressed. A good example of this is “Mona Lisa,” which shows the highs and lows of Armstrong’s range.

This intensity meshes well with the energy of the music. This time around, the lyrics are a lot more introspective than their debut, and everything comes together in album closer “For You I Am,” which could end up standing as one of Dead Sara’s best songs. Other highlights are “Suicidal,” “Something Good,” and “Lovesick.”

Overall, the title Pleasure to Meet You seems fitting for an album of this magnitude. We got an introduction to them in their self-titled debut, but now it feels like we’re really getting to know them. Pleasure to meet you too, Dead Sara.