THS Sadie Hawkins Dance Canceled

Talawanda had planned on hosting a Sadie Hawkins dance, but due to low ticket sales, the dance was canceled. All the money the Talawanda Key Club planned to raise was being donated to charity to help fund various community projects.

A Sadie Hawkins Dance allows the girl to ask a guy to the dance and to experience the pressure guys usually feel when wanting to ask a girl to a dance.

Sophomore Susanna Smith, in charge of organizing the dance, was inspired by an episode of Glee where the tv showed hosted their own Sadie Hawkins dance. “This is also an opportunity to give underclassmen and anyone else not going to prom a chance to dress up and have fun!” said Smith.

Key Club was planning to hold the dance in order to raise money to help fund a community service project. “All the money the Talawanda Key Club raises will be to help us afford various community service projects,” said sophomore Phoebe Myers “such as purchasing hats and gloves for different low-income families this past winter.”

Principal Tom York believed what the Talawanda Key Club was going to do for less fortunate families is wonderful and sees it as a positive influence on the community. “Whenever we have the opportunity to do things for other people and are able to act on it, there’s always a good impact.” said York.

Smith thought this would be a great opportunity to raise money to help out the community, “The fundraiser would have gave us more flexibility in our budget to enhance our community.” said Smith. Key Club was expecting the majority of their profit would come from selling tickets at the door. But this was unable to happen due to the cancellation of the dance.

Even though the dance was canceled, assistant principal Denis Malone thinks having donation boxes in the office would be another great way for Key Club to raise money. “Key Club would have lost more money hosting the dance, than what they would have made a profit on,” said Malone, “but if more students are aware of the cause behind the dance, we hope donations would be made.”

The Sadie Hawkins Dance was scheduled Saturday, April 13th, and there is no word on whether or not the dance will be reschedule. As of now, Key Club is unsure of what to do next.