Tribune Tries It: Ruzzle

A game in progress

Several students around THS have recently been interested in a game that tests your ability to find as many words as you can out of a total of 16 letters in two minutes.  Ruzzle allows players to play against others to find out who truly is the best.

Ruzzle is a game that tests to see how fast you are at spotting words hidden within a four by four box of letters.  People play Ruzzle on their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and any other similar device by downloading the app from Google Play or an Apple store.

Unlike other word games, you have to swipe your finger across each letter in order to form a word.  You cannot just simply tap each letter because Ruzzle will not recognize it as a word.  As long as the letters connect to one another, a word will form.

According to a Ruzzle website,, over 25 million people have played the game and more than three billion rounds have been played so far.

When I first started the game I thought I was doing really well, but after one short minute I realized I didn’t see anymore words left.  At the end of the game my score was pretty terrible because I wasn’t as good as seeing words after looking at the letters for what felt like forever.

If you spell a word using bonus tiles, then your score will improve.  I always found it very difficult to find several words that used these bonus letters.  Your score is dependent upon the strength of your word.  Ther more complex words are worth more points than the little three letter ones.

In order to succeed at Ruzzle, I believe that you need to be fast on your feet and be able to quickly find short words in a matter of sec

If you believe you are quick at spotting hidden words, like to test your ability to think on your feet, enjoy games that are based on speed, you can download this popular app at Apple stores for free, or the ad free version on Google Play for around three dollars.