Working Against Discrimination

The Gay-Straight Alliance, a new group at Talawanda High School, is working toward a better understanding of diversity at school and in the Oxford community.

Juniors Austin Clark and Audrey Macneil founded the club, saying that it began with very little interests for themselves.

“We started for signatures last semester, and it basically went from there,” stated Clark.

The meetings are typically held twice a month in Mr. Lykins’s room.  “I wanted to be the mentor for the GSA club because I think that it’s a cause that doesn’t get much recongition and it’s a great club to be a part of,” Lykins said.

“This is a place where LGBT and straight students can talk, and where everything is completely confidential,” said Macneil.

At orientation, Mr. Lykins and Mrs. McCartney mentioned to Clark that they would like to try and organize something, and with Clark’s openness with his sexuality, it helped the cause for the club to start.

“The atmosphere is really fun, and it helps people be intergrated into a place very open, “ said senior member, Mickey Myers.  “Homophobia is a huge problem at our school, and when people learn more about sexualties, there will be less discrimination.”

As the school year comes to an end, Macneil and Clark are helping to mend Talawanda High School and create a more welcoming environment.