Halo 4 Update

A screenshot from the Halo 4 First Look video

Hello, everyone. And welcome to another edition of The Gaming Corner, with me, Justin Nipper. Today I will be giving you a bunch of extra juicy news about the next installment of Microsoft’s largest and most popular gaming franchise, Halo 4.

To start it out, I’ll give you guys some information that every ┬áveteren of Halo will love. The tri-burst gun of awesome… the Battle Rifle… is coming back. Along with this good news is that the bloom that was in Halo: Reach will not come back, but, to prevent people from just spraying with the Battle Rifle everywhere, 343industries is adding a recoil to the gun so then there’s a lot more accuracy involved.

What better news to come with the Battle Rifle other than 343i naming off the first two multiplayer maps for the game, Warhouse and Wraparound?

343i has announced that they have built all of their maps from the ground up instead of using bits of areas from the campaign, like in Halo: Reach. Some maps may have themes from the campaign, but they will not be in the campaign, and vice versa.

Speaking of the campaign, 343i has been very quiet about it, only releasing bits and pieces of information here and there. 343i has stated that they will dive into Chief’s personality more, so then, instead of Chief just seeming like a “badass run n’ gun super-soldier,” you will actually be able to see him as a human as well. Also, the main baddies from all of the Halo games before, the Covenant, will be making a return in Halo 4, but not as the main baddies. It is unsure if they will come back to help out Chief in his battle or if they will be an underlying opposing force, but they will not be the main bad guys.

Abilities have been half-confirmed to be returning, but it’s unsure as to what will return. Speculation has it that Sprint and the Jetpack will be making a return, as they were in a clip in the First Look video, but it’s not official.

As a final note for now, there will be no public beta for Halo 4, as 343i wants to have a private Beta so then they can make updates on the fly instead of cramming everything in at the last second *cough cough* like Battlefield 3 *cough cough*.

I will give more updates on Halo 4 later, when more information is announced. 343i has said that they will release big campaign news soon, around sometime before E3 is here.

I’m Justin Nipper, and you just visited the Gaming Corner.