May the Odds be in Your Favor, Freshmen

On Friday, March 23rd, THS freshmen walked uptown to the Princess Theater to see the new film The Hunger Games.


The movie came as an incentive for taking the practice OGT’s. Freshmen students came into school at the normal time of 7:45 along with the sophomores. Practice OGT’s counted as no grade for them.  However, if students submitted a good amount of effort and attended school every day that week, they were allowed to attend a trip to the Hunger Games.


Coordinator of the trip and English teacher Amanda Weatherwax believes the freshmen deserved the trip. “Juniors and Seniors got to come to school late, and sophomores got out of taking the exams if they did well. Freshmen had nothing for their efforts.” Said Weatherwax.


This year The Hunger Games was read by all of the freshmen as part of class. The main focus was dystopian literature and the corruption of governments. Freshman history teacher Ted Caudill thought it was a very good opportunity for the freshmen. “Students would come to my class and read the book after a test or even while I was teaching. I think going to see the movie as a class really helped with the experience.” said Caudill.


Freshmen were very thankful for the experience.  Susanna Smith stated, “The high school is being very generous. It is a movie I have anticipated for a long time and reading the book added to the hype.”


However, many upperclassmen were upset because they did not get a chance to go on a trip like this. Weatherwax thinks they have no reason to complain. “I tell them that they got to sleep in, so keep crying.” she stated.


The movie took place at the Princess Theater in uptown Oxford. The theater opened early for the chance for freshmen to see the movie privately in the morning. There were two groups that went in different times. Most freshmen went during second period and came back during fifth period. Other freshmen that were in an honors class went during fifth period and came back at the end of the day.


The trip came as an opportunity to compare the book to the movie, but also give the freshmen a chance to have some fun.