Spring Break 2012

Most Talawanda students are dragging around one more week to make it to the glorious event known as spring break.

Those who get to leave the state of Ohio for vacation and go to new places are lucky. For the kids who have to stay here in Oxford, here are a couple things to do.

1:  Go uptown and watch a movie at Princess movie theatre, or even rent one at the Family Video. Movies always capture and can sometimes create good memories. Even better, if you’re one of the create folks that go to Talawanda, create a movie with a staring role: you.

2: Go window-shopping, or just shopping in general. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to buy anything, but it’s always fun, especially for girls, to go to stores and play dress up in clothes that we usually wouldn’t wear or even try out new styles.  Hit up local stored like Juniper, or find a ride and head to Kenwood.

3:  Go to a park, or get out and walk. There are some parks in Oxford like Peffer Park or the Community Park. Exercise is always a good way to make you feel better, while taking up time and getting outside in some fresh air. Not to mention if you have little siblings or nieces/ nephews, I’m sure they’ll enjoy climbing on monkey bars and going down the slide with you.

4: Try a new food, or maybe eat out at a new place you’ve never tried. Some places uptown are Fiesta Charra, Krishna, or even Kona Bistro. You never know what kind of foods are out there that you’re missing out on. Go look up a recipe online, maybe even one from a different country. It’s bound to be delicious.

5: Follow your regular routine, or whatever makes you happy. Sleep in until twelve. Make ten pancakes only for you to eat. Dance around in your socks to old rock and roll. It’s your spring break, celebrate and relax how you please.

Remember, Spring Break is around the corner: make it one you won’t forget.