The Doritos Tacos Locos

Throughout history there have been great combinations that have became much more than the sum of its parts. Teams such as R2-D2 and C3-P0, Bert and Ernie and Bugs and Daffy have all been duos that have wowed us. Now Taco Bell attempts to bring a new team in an attempt to achieve tag teamed greatness: The Doritos Tacos Locos.

The concept is simple: take the classic Taco Bell taco and combine it with the very popular Doritos Nacho Cheese chip in order to forge an explosion of happiness and flavor to your mouth.

The question is, does it live up to the hype?

Upon receiving the Doritos Taco you will notice a special “Doritos” wrapping around it. Then opening up the wrapping the unmistakable scent of Taco Bell floods the nostril, but wait there is a hint of something more. The Doritos tortilla shell. The first bite tastes like pure Doritos chips, crunchy and cheesy. Upon the second bite however, is when the combo is truly felt, the Taco Bell and Doritos come together to create the true taste of Doritos Tacos Locos.  All in all, it does taste very similar to a standard taco from Taco Bell, beef, lettuce and cheese (as well as tomato and sour cream if you opt for the supreme), but it is noticeably much cheesier and perhaps even crunchier caused by the new shell. And while it does have much more flavor than a standard taco, it also sports about fifty more calories.

If you are a fan of Taco Bell and Doritos individually, this is a real treat.  But if you’re looking for something outside the norm and something different, to try this could be a nice little taste bud adventure. A piece of advice though: it is very messy–not only from the taco falling apart as it is eaten, but also from the Doritos tortilla itself leaving its cheesy residue behind.