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Tribune Tries It: Tea Tree Toothpicks

Tribune Tries It: Tea Tree Toothpicks

Students May have recently noticed English teacher Matt Aerni sporting the ever classy tooth-pick as of late, but what is the craze all about? Simple: Tea Tree Therapy. These tooth-picks are not your everyday, boring, run-of-the-mill tooth-picks, they are uniquely infused with special tea tree oils that give them a pop that is hard to […]

Tribune Tries It: Fixing an Mp3 Player

It happens to all of us, the dreaded moment we all never want to see: your mom puts your iPod or Mp3 player through the washing machine. It happened to me and I was determined to save it no matter the cost. I grabbed it out of the wash and it was still damp. After […]

Tribune Tries It: Babysitting

The very familiar sound of the “Goodbye. We’ll be home later. We love you.” and the door shuts behind them as they leave. It’s something that we’ve all had done for us as little children. When we thought we were big enough to stay home alone and take care of ourselves, our parents disagreed and […]