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The Lemon: TikTok Trends

The Lemon:  TikTok Trends

With all these hot new “trends” flying around TikTok it’s hard to keep track of which ones are actually trending and which ones are just wishful thinking. Our collection of anthropomorphized snails in the basement were given phones to research the five biggest TikTok challenges. The Worm Challenge: This trend started when a teen recorded […]



Horrorscopes by Logan Not-an-Astrologist Murray Aquarius – You thought nobody saw what you did, but that sinking feeling says otherwise. Pisces – I would study for that test If I were you. Aries – It’s ok to be competitive, but making a kindergarten fight club may be too far. Taurus – I’d start running. Now. […]

The Lemon: Tribune Makes Prom 2021 Predictions

The Lemon:  Tribune Makes Prom 2021 Predictions

The Lemon:  Tribune Makes Prom 2021 Predictions By STAFF Talawanda administration hasn’t yet released the plan for Prom 2021, but we here at The Tribune have some ideas on what it’s going to look like: Mr. Schmid will be riding around on a Segway with a squirt gun full of hand sanitizer. This year’s prom […]