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Jack Gillespie’s “21 Jump Street” Review

Movies based on television shows are not known to be particularly revered among the general populace. Just within the last few years we’ve seen the second-rate Bewitched, the boring The A-Team, and the absolute affront to humanity MacGruber. Even the successful ones bring about mixed criticism (The Simpsons Movie). Given this mediocre track record, I […]

Degradation of Lyricism in Hip-Hop

Hip-hop has, since it’s birth on the mean streets of New York in the early 70’s, always been about expressing yourself, your surroundings, and personal ideologies through melodic poetry with rhythm. The lyricism contained within this poetry has always been a large factor in the genre of Hip-hop. As of lately though people seem to […]

Hungry For A Good Film: The Hunger Games

Hungry For A Good Film: The Hunger Games

In one of the first blockbusters of the year, The Hunger Games was released at Midnight on Friday, March 23, 2012. The movie, based off of the best selling book series written by Lisa Richwine, was directed by Gary Ross (Seabiscuit). The film has been highly anticipated by readers. Jennifer Lawrence, in her first major […]

Minecraft Release Date

  If you enjoyed mining some pixels, exploring some dungeons, and fighting the creeper on the PC, then you’ll be excited to know that popular indie game Minecraft will be coming to the Xbox 360 on May 9th. Now, some of you might be asking… “Justin, how would Minecraft work on the Xbox?” Well, my friends, […]