5 Ways to Cram for AP Exams

5 Ways to Cram for AP Exams


Morgan Sly

You know the feeling. It’s the beginning of the school year, and the thought crosses your mind that AP classes aren’t too bad. The test is sooo far away it doesn’t even seem real. Then you blink, and it’s April. The test is quickly approaching in the horizon and your questionable study habits are coming into focus. Here are some ways to do some last-minute preparing for AP Exams.

1.Review videos are ALL over Youtube. I would personally recommend Crash Courses, Heimler’s History, and anything Khan Academy, especially for math. Review videos are great because you can change the speed of your listening. If it’s the night before your exam, maybe 2x speed is a good idea. 

2.Take advantage of the resources that AP Central provides for you. They host review sessions and have sections full of Daily Videos explaining concepts. Keep in mind that these are the creators of the test, so the review material will be especially relevant to your AP exam.

3.Social media is full of people who are also cramming for these tests. I’ve found full study guides made by other students on TikTok. Since these resources are made by other students, they might be more targeted toward your learning style.

4.Study with your friends. Studying is often portrayed as a thing you should do alone and bored to death. Create some study games with your friends who are also preparing for these exams! Or just do some review packets together. Making reviewing more of a fun activity keeps everyone involved more motivated

5.Don’t over-stress. One test in high school won’t define your entire life and doesn’t define your worth. It’ll be okay.

AP Exam Dates:

Monday, May 1st: US Government and Politics (morning) and Chemistry (afternoon)

Wednesday, May 3rd: English Literature 

Thursday, May 4th: Human Geography

Friday, May 5th: US History

Monday, May 8th: Calculus AB

Tuesday, May 9th: English Language and Comp.

Wednesday, May 10th: Biology (afternoon)

Thursday, May 11th: Modern World History