Ms. Klovekorn: Ask Me Almost Anything

  1. How tall are you?6 ft 2.5 in
  2. What was your best ice skating moment?  Probably winning a national champ in college
  3. What was your worst ice skating moment?  When I fell on my face during an ice show
  4. Favorite type of donut? Probably blueberry cake flavor
  5. Favorite Chef Boyardee flavor? Beefaroni
  6. What is the class knock? Classified.
  7. Who is your least favorite mathematician? Feel free to name a student.  Andrew David Rothchild Averbach
  8. Would you rather have to teach Calculus to freshmen or switch to being an English teacher? English Teacher
  9. What superpower would you have and why? Stop time so I could take a nap
  10. Who is your favorite math teacher in the school/colleague Mrs. CaraballoIMG_2951