Student Gamer Designs New Club

Student Gamer Designs New Club

By Abdullah Khan

If you are a student or faculty at Talawanda, you’ve probably seen the many kids who code and design games at school. Maybe you’re even one of them. But there’s one such game designer that enjoys it so much that he decided to make a club out of it.

A sophomore at Talawanda High School, Jackson Kuhn founded a game design club. Kuhn said, “It started because I thought it would be a cool club that people appreciate.” 

Members of the game design club play games and design them. Kuh said, “people like me wanted to start projects a bit more complex than the one in class.”

Game Design Club meets after school in room 301 on Wednesdays, and it ends at 3:30. The club is excellent for people who want to have fun with friends. The game design club also has a connection with Miami university because they have a professor from Miami University come in often and they also get to use Miami’s equipment.

Miami is 6th and “Best for Game Art” of the Top 46 Game Design Degree Programs from 236 programs at 209 schools. 27th and “Best for Esports” of the Top 49 Best Schools for Video Game Design from 71 programs at 40 schools. 

Game design is a fantastic career if you want to pursue computer science. Suppose you have a passion for video games and want to balance creativity with technical, computer-based thinking: A career in game design combines both creativity and critical thinking.

Lily, a member of the club said:  “It’s a club where we host informal events for the purpose of making game projects for fun and sharpening our skills. Every month we also have meetings to play games instead, and a lot more people come to those.”