Art Club

Have you ever attended art class and thought, oh man, I wished I could do this more often and choose my topics? If so, you will be happy to hear about the art club. You might wonder what is art club? Art Club adviser, Ms. Claire. said, “It’s a mix of Independent work for students who want to work on their themes to have access to all the materials and the supplies that we have here in The Art Room. However, sometimes, I’ll also introduce a project that everyone can participate in. If they’d like to, so it’s. You can kind of. Make the club into what you want. If you’re going to do the group things, or if you’re going to do all independent pieces, you can. It’s just a fun space for creative people to come together and do what they love.”

Ms. Claire has been teaching art at THS for almost two years and loves it.  Prior to teaching at THS she subbed for a different district and has been teaching for more than a decade. Claire said, “I love art of all kinds. I especially love fiber arts. I love watercolor painting, and I like music. I love plants and flowers and always have them in the summer and spring. I like gardening.”

Art Club is a fun place for creative people, and it allows those who do not have room for an art class in their schedule to still make art. However, they still might love art or maybe not have access to the materials at home and want to create something. And I think art’s almost therapeutic. You know, times are stressful, and it’s nice to go in and be with another group of people who like to create. According to Scripps:  “Art can be tremendously beneficial to your health and contribute to overall happiness and mental well-being.”

People who are in many clubs run into a problem with many clubs running after school onTuesdays, but Ms. Claire said to show up when you’re able to, and wherever you left off from the last time, you’ll just continue the project.  She said that everybody is just friends and it’s and easy-going and fun time.

Currently, the art club has 31 people signed up. However, on any given week, there’s typically around 15 or so that regularly show up. 

You might be curious about how Ms. Claire gets her art ideas. Claire said, “sometimes I look on Pinterest, and then sometimes, the ideas are things that I’ve just thought of on my own, like what I would like to do, like the seashell paint palette that we made. I spent some time in Florida and gathered up seashells. I had taken my portable and small palette so that I could paint while I was on the beach, and I was like, I want to do this with my students. So I got a gallon zip lock bag, and filled it with shells and brought back the shells…many times they’re just things I think of like that. I want to do it myself, so I know other people would have fun with them.”

THS art club meets once every week, usually Tuesdays, just after school from 2:50- 3:45 pm. The purpose of the art club is To have a creative space for students after school.