The Class That Will “Steel” Your Heart

This Class Will Steel Your Heart


With the wealth of class opportunities available at Talawanda High School, it’s easy to overlook some potential options. When you’re looking for an elective for next year, don’t forget about some of the most interesting classes. Musical ensembles are a great way to expand your horizons and enjoy high school.  If you are already in a music ensemble, a new opportunity opens up to you: Steel Band. 

You might be wondering, what makes the Steel Band unique from the other band ensembles? “The steel band is a multicultural ensemble… It is made up of percussion instruments with some electronic instruments,” Talawanda Band Director Mr. Marston said. The Steel Band’s main instrument is the Steel Pan, which originated in Trinidad, a Carribean island nation. The ensemble deals in many genres of music, which makes it ideal if you want to expand your musical tastes. 

Not anyone can join this special group, though. You must be in another musical ensemble, and you must have some previous knowledge of music (notation, reading notes, etc.) “This policy is to make sure that the steel band does not take students out of another ensemble,” Marston said. 

Students interested in Steel Band shouldn’t be wary if they don’t have any prior percussion experience, however. Many first-time participants in this ensemble have never played a Steel Pan before joining, and it is relatively easy to learn, according to Marston. 

Steel Band performs in four or more concerts per year, which is a great way to become more experienced with performances ìf you’re shy, or you just want more opportunities to show off the music that you love.