Ten Ideas for How to Make the Most of Your Snow Day

Ten Ideas for How to Make the Most of Your Snow Day


The winter storm coming in has been what practically everyone is talking about recently. Ms. Schran, Talawanda science teacher, explained that the hot wet air coming in from the south and the cold atmosphere from the north means we will get a major storm. With temperatures dropping below zero and an estimated 9 inches of snow expected to come down, it’s no surprise that schools are already closing in advance and non-perishable foods are flying off the grocery store shelves. So after turning off your 6 am alarms and procrastinating your homework, here are 10 ideas to make your snow day more than a waste of time. 


  • Go sledding 


Sledding seems to be something in people’s eyes that only little kids can do but honestly, sledding with friends now is the best part of any snow day in my opinion. Plus, it’s a great workout to have to walk back up the hill, and will not fail to provide laughs. 


  • Binge your favorite show


This one is kind of a given. On days off, the most immediate reaction is to go on Netflix and not get out of bed all day. And you know what, it’s cold. No one wants to go outside. So watch your favorite show. 


  • Make something to eat


Snow days give a perfect opportunity to make something new. Whether it be soup, cookies, even a grilled cheese sandwich, any type of comfort food is highly suggested. And while it may be hard to go to the grocery store, find some things you already have and get cooking. 


  • Watch a new movie


This ties in with number 2, but a movie is a must on snow days. However, instead of watching the same movie for the 100th time (no shame, I do the same thing), try a movie someone has recommended to you at some point, or pick a random one. It might be good! 


  • Hang out with friends


Make sure to be safe with this, because of the large amount of Covid cases and icy roads, but treat this as a day to have fun with your friends. You can do everything on this list with other people, so why not do them with your best friend? Or not. Alone time is great too. 


  • Clean your room


Yeah, this one may not be the most fun snow day activity out there, but you have all day with nothing to do. Why not organize your room, so even if you feel like a mess (seasonal depression is real, guys), at least you’ll appear more put together. And, having a clean room is so nice. 


  • Get caught up on stuff you’ve been putting off 


Again, maybe not the ideal day off suggestion, but with interims coming up, you might as well take the day you were supposed to be in school as a time to get caught up on anything you’re behind on. I’m sure your teachers will be pleased to see it. 


  • Play a board game


Be honest, when was the last time you sat down with your family and played a board game? For some it may be a Friday night tradition, but for others, it may be years since Clue was brought out of the game closet. So maybe try putting down the XBox remote control, and try a new game. 


  • Read a book


Whether it be for your own personal enjoyment, or for an independent reading check-in for your English class, curling up in bed with a good book with snow falling outside your window is just about the most Pinterest-esque solution to snow day boredom. 


  • Sleep in


And finally, the most obvious snow day necessity, sleeping in. I personally think waking up at noon when you don’t have to go to school is the perfect way to start off any winter weather that comes our way. 

With all of the ice and snow coming down, it is important to stay inside. The temperatures are going to be extremely cold and the roads extremely icy. So if possible, try not to drive anywhere. Enjoy your snow days for now and in the future, and be safe