The Lemon: TikTok Trends

With all these hot new “trends” flying around TikTok it’s hard to keep track of which ones are actually trending and which ones are just wishful thinking. Our collection of anthropomorphized snails in the basement were given phones to research the five biggest TikTok challenges.

The Worm Challenge: This trend started when a teen recorded themselves rolling down a hill, and then getting themselves stuck in a hole they were forced to chew their way out of. Its popularity stems from the sheer shock factor of watching your favorite content creators munching away on dirt to free themselves from an earthy grave.

The Orphanage Challenge: Popularized when a prominent politician in Notareallandia recorded himself adopting a kid for a publicity stunt, but got confused and signed the paperwork to adopt the entire orphanage. Creators simply have to see how many orphans they can adopt before the staff realizes it’s the same person.

The Freak Out, Get Down Challenge: Starting when a popular musician had an on stage freak out, but accidentally moved perfectly on beat the entire time. This challenge features people trying to accidentally dance to a song while yelling at another person, either on or off screen.

The Morally Questionable Challenge: Have you ever wanted to hide a cat in a tree so you get to see if a hot firefighter comes and rescues it? If you answered yes, get some help, but this challenge may be for you. All you need to do is something entirely for self benefit with no regard for those around you. We don’t know where this one started, but it’s been popular for over three months.

The Taxation Challenge: This challenge has roots dating back to the start of civilization. In order to properly complete this challenge you have to make up a fake tax on items you’re selling, and then get someone to pay it. The most popular tax people add is the 2% “wax tax.”

With all the data from our snail, we shipped it right over to the sleep deprived and coffee addicted shadow creature in charge of pattern analysis. According to them here are seven Talawanda Specific challenges:

The Keep the Halls Clean Challenge: This ones pretty simple, all you have to do is clean up trash you see around the school. If you fail the challenge you get to scrub the floors clean.

The Don’t Comma Splice Challenge: Have you ever written an essay and used way too many commas? This challenge is where you simply don’t comma splice, but still use proper grammar.

The Bully Mr.Mills Challenge: We all know Brad has a big forehead and bigger ego, but it’s time to knock him down a peg. All you need to do is bully Brad Mills, the old guy who “teaches” across the hall from Mr.Schmid. Throw apples, call names, and even steal, anything goes as long as it targets Mr.Mills.

The Bring Your English Teacher a Cookie Challenge: You really want to tell me they don’t deserve it after that essay you submitted? That’s what I thought.

The Give Logan Murray Your Credit Card Information Challenge: All you need to do is record yourself reading your credit card number, expiration date, and the three numbers on the back, then send it directly to If it’s judged to be cool enough it will be posted on the tribune tiktok that totally exists.

The Do Your Homework Quickly Challenge: see how quickly you can do your homework correctly, then turn it in to your teacher on time.

The Find The Right Hall Speed Challenge: “WALK THE RIGHT SPEED IN THE FREAKING HALLWAY OR I WILL SMACK YOUR KNEECAPS,” said a concerned senior, they followed up with “Freshman, I’m talking to you.”