Six THS Places Freshmen Should Know About

Six THS Places Freshmen Should Know About


With the school year getting into full swing, It’s important that our new additions know about important places in the school. I’ve taken the time to write about six places I think the incoming freshman should know about.

1  The PAC: Also known as the performing arts center, is located between the cafeteria and arts hallway. The PAC is a common location for school events, such as the pictures earlier in the year, it also is the location of the drama club performances, choir concerts, band concerts, the honor roll recognition, orchestra concerts, ritual sacrifices, and much more

2 The offices: Everyone knows where the office is, but something you may not be aware of is that we actually have two different offices depending on who called you, the main office is located closest to the main rotunda and is where you go for attendance, principal visits, and the experimental nurses office. Across the room is the Counselor’s office, home to the counselors and a few meeting rooms, this is where you go if you want to talk about your schedule.

3 The pool: One of the lesser known locations in the school, we actually have a pool on the roof of the PAC. In order to get up to it you have to get into the rafters, then there is a ladder that will bring you up to the roof.


4 The gym: If you don’t already know where it is, the gym is located next to the cafeteria. It’s used for assemblies, some sports games, as well as the annual pie eating contest. When going into the gym it’s important to remember: YOU HAVE TO AVOID EVERY THIRD STEP.

5 The pit we throw kids into: Located behind the 300 hallway, this landmark is an example of why you have to keep your attendance up. If anyone has an attendance of below 60%, they are thrown into the pit by their first period teacher while the school watches from a safe distance.

6 The nurse’s office: Located in the main hallway running from the bus lane to the cafeteria, it’s important to know the difference between this and the experimental nurses office in the main office. This is where you go when you don’t feel great. I would like to emphasize again, you must be careful which nurse you go to, Jimmy wasn’t, and now he’s… gone.