The Lemon: Tribune Makes Prom 2021 Predictions

The Lemon:  Tribune Makes Prom 2021 Predictions


Talawanda administration hasn’t yet released the plan for Prom 2021, but we here at The Tribune have some ideas on what it’s going to look like:

Mr. Schmid will be riding around on a Segway with a squirt gun full of hand sanitizer.

This year’s prom queen will be a student who graduated last year which will cause an  uprising.

There will be signs up on every wall that will say “Save Room for Jesus AND Coronavirus” to remind students to boogie down appropriately.

Hoop skirts will make a comeback.  Complete with a six-foot radius.

Mr. York will fire the DJ for playing “Mask Off” by Future and then lead the crowd in a rousing rendition of “The Pledge of Allegiance.”

Possible Prom Themes:  “Masquerade,” “Microscopic Organisms,” or “Apocalypse”

Possible Prom Locations:  Circus tent, bowling alley parking lot, a corn field (pick one–there’s thousands, but make sure you get the right directions)

Honorary Prom King Possibilities:  Dr. Faucii, Governor DeWine, The Tiger King