Talawanda Talks Call for Submissions

Dear Students:
The Talawanda Tribune (www.talawandatribune.org) is starting a new op-ed column called “Talawanda Talks.” We welcome any opinion pieces from 250-800 words that deal with the issues and concerns facing high school students. We ask that all submissions follow the Student Code of Conduct and maintain language that is appropriate for school, including being mindful and respectful of diversity. Please fact check and include any references to outside research.

In addition, we will be sending out a call for submissions for responses to specific questions each month. Here are our questions for March:

“March Madness”: Do you have some favorite things that you could pit against one another in an epic bracket? If so, send us your bracket complete with the winners.
Some Ideas: snack foods, movies, T.Swift Songs, candy, cereals, best NBA players of all time, books, Star Wars movies, albums/recording artists, etc…

“Spring Fever”: What are you most looking forward to this spring? How will you be spending your spring break?

“College Athletes:” Should collegiate athletes be permitted to endorse products for pay? Should they be paid by the universities for which they play? Should they be allowed to be represented by agents? Tell us your hot take on this!

Email your submission to talawandatribune@talawanda.org with the subject line “Talawanda Talks.” You must submit using your Talawanda gmail account. If we choose your submission, we might edit it for grammar/mechanics. We will only include your first initial when we publish your response.