A New Reef

A new part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been discovered. It is detached from the main reef, and had not previously been on record. It is in the form of a great pinnacle, almost ⅓ of a mile high, taller than the empire state building. Perhaps most importantly, the reef is very healthy, compared to other reefs across the globe that have been suffering. The reef lies in a secluded spot, and is the biggest discovery of part of the Great Barrier Reef in over 150 years. The reefs near this particular reef were charted in the 1880s, but this one remained undiscovered. The reef rises up over 1600 ft., and stops about 130 ft. below the surface of the sea. The team that discovered the reef explored it, and found it teeming with life. There were many species of sharks, fish, and even a nautilus. The coral in this reef is healthy and still growing, as it probably has been for millions of years to create this reef.