Top 10 Weirdest Things Students Have Been Caught Doing on Zoom

  1. Their teachers’ taxes, that’s right Elizabeth Cantrel was caught doing the taxes of Ms. Klovekorn during her 6th period zoom meeting.
  2. Robert Schonlau was seen selling their cousin to the Swiss mafia in exchange for a half-eaten chocolate bar while he was supposed to be doing Ms. Klovekorn’s taxes.
  3. When asked why she was zooming and driving, Ellie Garland admitted she was smuggling chihuahuas over the Canadian border so they could be sold to Italians.
  4. Aaron Wanko was seen with a shockingly large number of empty yogurt containers, when he was questioned he flipped his camera to reveal a bathtub filled to the brim with yogurt, and he then released frogs to hop on top.
  5. Lucy Wang was seen crawling on the ceiling with various household objects flying around the room.
  6. Jack Currie was seen in a house that looked shockingly like Aaron’s being submerged in a bathtub full of yogurt, similar to the one Aaron was seen making just minutes before, by arms that looked very similar to Aaron’s. When he was fully submerged, a frog was seen hopping past his camera, which was quickly turned off. Aaron denies all allegations.
  7. Carly Goodman was seen actually doing the work she was supposed to be doing… weirdo!
  8. Jacob Freidline was caught playing bongos made of lizard teeth when he forgot to mute his mic.
  9. Legon Nurrie was seen chugging 120 liters of coffee in 3 minutes, he then proceeded to memorize the dictionary backward and claims that he no longer can feel his heartbeat.
  10. Josiah Jeffery Jebadiah Jingleheimer Jotaro Gorge With Two J’s was Aggressively REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, and REDACTED.  While REDACTED a REDACTED poorly.