Op-Ed on the Democratic National Convention


Did you watch the DNC? Probably not, I mean who wants to watch this boring, slightly antiquated and redundant tv program- about politics? Well I did. I prepared like I do for a long night of studying or catching up on late assignments. Some food, for distraction, something to drink, for distraction, and my phone, also for distraction.

When the Convention started with a montage of the National Anthem I was immediately uninterested. I got a little more excited as things began to get more political with references to the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement; then all of a sudden It was Senator Amy Klobuchar’s turn to speak. I at that point was ready to turn the tv right off. But I had changed into my most political pajamas (a Bernie 2020 shirt), and I had mentally prepared all day for this event, so I stuck it out a little longer. And I won’t lie, the first night was pretty dreadful, that is until Bernie Sanders spoke. This is what I was hoping for when I tuned in the first night and I had to wait two very long hours for it but it was worth it. 

It felt like watching an Obama rerun, I was sitting at home chanting in my head “Yes we can.”  Bernie Sanders moved millions of people in our country to action, and to the polls, and sometimes I forget how inspirational that man can be. 

Michelle Obama blew me away. It may have been that I was already in the clouds post Bernie Sanders but she reminded me what a president should be. She reminded me of what progress looks like, and what accountability looks like. As Michelle Obama mentioned at the beginning of her speech, the political burnout is strong. But she reminded me why we not only need to continue to fight, but that change is possible. 

Tuesday night I tuned into the convention with a lot more enthusiasm and excitement, partially because of Michelle Obama’s words, and partially because I could not wait to hear what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had to say. And she spoke well and powerfully as expected. There isn’t much to say as she only had 60 seconds but I don’t think anyone could have done much better with their 60 seconds. 

Bill Clinton also spoke that night, and to be completely honest, I’m not sure why he was there. So many progressive and powerful people could have spoken. I mean they should have given AOC Bill’s time, she was never impeached. 

Many of the other speakers were strong and inspiring, I’m not the biggest fan of Joe Biden, but the second half of the convention really gave me a new perspective of him. Especially hearing from people like President Carter, and John Legend, which a performance from him can never hurt. 

Tuesday night ended with an emotional speech from Dr. Jill Biden, which I won’t lie, I was tired at this point, and I didn’t pay too close attention to what she said. But one thing I got from Dr.Biden is that as many mistakes Vice President Biden makes, or slip ups he makes, or things he says wrong, he does care about the people, and that’s better than what we have now. 

The third night I was elated all night long. It was just powerful women after powerful women, who even the ones I disagree with, inspired me onto another level . I don’t even listen to Billie Eilish but I was enthused by her whole performance. I disagree with Nancy Pelosi on many things, but she made me feel like I could do anything. And following the inspiration was Secretary Hillary Clinton to remind us of reality and the work we have to put in to become a better country. 

When Kamala Harris spoke I was on the #DNC2020 twitter and every other sentence was being quoted, I would listen to her speak and then a second later see it tweeted as I refreshed. I along with many other people have issues with Kamala Harris’ past, but no one could deny the power she brought with her to the stage. Kamala Harris as Vice president is making history in an amazing way. She would not only be the first women vp but the first vp of color. There has only been one Black person in the oval office and Kamala Harris will show that that wasn’t a fluke but rather a change in our country to represent the oppressed. One Black president was not enough; we need to vote and show that it wasn’t enough for any of us. I wouldn’t be surprised to one day see Kamala Harris in the oval office as president. She knows the history she is making, and she wears it well. 

I am currently watching the fourth night of the DNC, and I won’t lie, there is no way I’m lasting all the way through tonight.  I will probably watch Joe Biden’s speech in the morning. But before I go to bed I cried as the memorial for Beau Biden played, and Pete Buttigieg inspired me once again about the change we will see in this country. 

As Bernie Sander said, we have a candidate who is honest and who is decent. So Monday night I was tired, and exhausted by the politics in this country. Tonight I am still tired, but now I am ready to wake up hopeful for the change that I know we can make. 

Watch The Convention  here