“This Changes Everything” Talawanda Students Featured on Latest Democracy and Z Podcast Episode

Oxford, OH  Freshman journalism student Eliot Berberich facilitated a virtual conversation with Talawanda High School students about the pandemic.  Listen to students discuss how their lives have changed, as well as their insights about government response, privilege, and the future.  Episode 5 “This Changes Everything” features Peter Averbach (12th), Eliot Berberich (9th), Ella Cope (12th), Kel Fisher (11th), Carly Goodman (10th), and Jean Pateman (11th).



Democracy and Z is produced by 91.7 WVXU in collaboration with Elementz.  NPR Education Outreach Coordinator Julie Coppens works with Cincinnati-area youth to feature their unique perspectives on the issues that affect them.  Feature photo from the Democracy and Z website.