Setting Stone’s First Instagram Live Coffee House

Setting Stone’s First Instagram Live Coffee House

By A. Weatherwax

Oxford, OH — Setting Stone Coffee House host Betsy Phillips said, “the theme of tonight is technical difficulties,” but really the theme was talent as Talawanda High School students and staff took their bedroom and basement stages live at their first ever Instagram performance on Friday, May 1, 2020.  

At one point almost 80 users were logged on to watch Coffee House staples like rapper Quinn Kissell and rockband Nosebleed — well a ¼ of Nosebleed that is.

Some highlights of the event included a stunning living room solo singing performance by Setting Stone co-advisor Claire Squance.  Seniors Shr Hua Moore and Kyle Hoefker surprised the virtual audience with their classical music playing that turned into a virtuoso performance of “Baby Shark.”  THS Vice Principal Chris Rhoton played his bass and at the end of his killer performance said, “thank you for letting me crash the party.”  

Freshman Damon Byrd and his father Devon performed an outstanding rendition of “Wagon Wheel” with Mr. Byrd on upright bass and Damon rocking the mando. Of course Damon had on great socks (ones with mini guitars), but no one thought to ask Mr. Byrd if he was wearing cool socks too.

Senior Ella Cope invoked all the feels with a cover of “This Year” by The Mountain Goats, and this instagram user got goosebumps as Cope belted the powerful refrain  “I am going to make it through this year if it kills me.”  

Going live on Instagram wasn’t the only first for The Coffee House.  Long-time Setting Stone contributor, co-editor, and merch peddler senior Eleanor Prytherch took the stage for the first time and read a series of poems she wrote in quarantine:  “The End Times.”  One instagram user lamented that there wasn’t a snap button.

Phillips did a great job hosting and staying calm amid some tech issues and users even got to see her messy room.  As she said goodbye to fellow senior Quinn Kissell, Phillips and Kissell both remarked on how they couldn’t believe that their last Coffee House was a live stream.

Phillips also noted that her long-time dream of singing with Mr. Schmid at her last Coffee House did not come true, but that might be a good thing because even though Betsy is a great singer, Mr. Schmid should probably just stick to teaching Physics.

Congratulations to the Setting Stone members and Coffee House performers in Talawanda’s Class of 2020 — you are a talented group, and you will make it through this year.