Coronavirus Update

UPDATE 7:12 P.M. Thursday, March 12 by Amanda Weatherwax:

Talawanda schools will be closed beginning Friday, March 13 per orders from the Butler County Board of Health.  This afternoon Governor DeWine ordered all schools to commence an extended spring break to begin at the close of school on Monday, March 16, but Talawanda will be closed to students beginning immediately.  Staff will still report Friday, March 13 in order to prepare for remote learning.  For updated information please go to the district website:  For local information regarding COVID-19 go to the Butler County General Health District at  For updated national information on COVID-19 please go to the CDC’s website at:


On March 9, 2020 Ohio Governor Mike DeWine held a press conference about CoVid19, commonly known as the coronavirus. The World Health Organization has declared the virus a pandemic.

Governor DeWine explained that there are now three cases of coronavirus in Ohio. In light of this new development, the state will be taking measures to protect Ohioans from the virus. 

Following the Governor’s press conference, several Ohio universities, including Miami University of Ohio, Ohio State, Kent State, and Ohio University have suspended face-to-face instruction and will be using remote, online learning until at least late March or early April.

The governor also issued warning against gathering in large groups. This includes activities such as sports matches, concerts, and even voting.   Not only is the governor suggesting people vote early, but there are approximately 75 different polling places that are being moved out of nursing homes and into other locations, in an attempt to protect those most vulnerable to being hurt by coronavirus. 

Amy Acton, Director of Health for Ohio, also spoke. She promised  “aggressive action” and that she and governor DeWine would keep Ohioians updated on current information. She also emphasized looking to other countries to look at what measures are and are not working.  Other countries worldwide have reported cases, and coronavirus has most severely affected countries such as Italy and China. 

There are currently 4 cases of coronavirus in Ohio, with more people being held in quarantine.

Talawanda Behind the Scenes reporter Eliot Berberich interviewed Talawanda superintendent Dr. Edward Theroux on Wednesday, March 11 about how measures to contain coronavirus will impact Talawanda schools: