Endgame…for Seniors

Well seniors, it’s down to the last few months of our highschool careers. We are in… the endgame now. Don’t worry, we are not in the post Infinity War world where half the population is missing, we are just close to the end now. That’s right, we will soon have to be adults, sadly, but at least we get to enjoy a few more fun school events before we have to leave. Here are some dates to look forward to…

Spring Break- April 19 to the 26
Spring Coffee House- May 3
AP Exams – May 6 to the 16
Prom- May 4
Last School Day for Seniors – May 13
Graduation- May 23

Actually that is not a lot, but hey, at least they are fun events — well all except AP exams or regular exams — but let’s not think about that. Though there’s a downside to us being in the endgame: senioritis, it’s here and it is hitting hard. We are so close and in the next few weeks and when warm weather comes it is going to get worse and worse. Before Mr. York says it, remember the dress code *wink*wink* (I do not promote the breaking of this rule).

I decided to hit the packed hallways, which we will soon leave behind, to see what seniors have to say about being in the endgame of their high school careers, and how senioritis has affected them. That’s right, senioritis is real folks, and it could be coming for you. The first person I asked was the amazing Jazz Bennett, a girl that almost everyone knows, and who has a killer fashion sense. “I am elated that high school is complete. I worked hard, therefore graduation will be such a celebration.”

Next I asked the very talented singer Emma Steigerwald, who you may remember from the coffee houses and talents shows. “The thought of leaving high school both terrified and excites me. I’m ready for this new chapter in my life. The fact that the year is ending is super sad to me, also because I keep thinking ‘this is my last time doing this and that.’ My friends are going to be the aspect of high school that I will miss most of all. Not seeing them everyday will be hard. I love them all and I want to thank them for being with me through this journey.”

I also approached the senior classes well-known comedian Jordan Morehead, who also does the coffee houses and talent shows and he decided to give advice. “If you’re one of those kids who wears tight jeans — might want to use baby powder, heavier on the joints. But seriously, it sucks that I couldn’t take creative writing again for my last year, it was the best classes I ever took. It’s one thing to sit down and “get creative” it’s another to be in a group of people with similar interest and have a chill, supportive teacher get you out of your comfort zone. Donut Ask, Donut Tell will always be a cinema masterpiece.”

When I asked Mrs. Squance if she had anything to say about senioritis and any advice she said, “Instead of no longer doing the work, try to have more fun doing the work. Have a sense of humor about the end of the year, but still do your work.” She is encouraging us to keep carrying on and find funner ways to still learn like working with friends.

Mr. Mcwilliams decided to say the opposite of Mrs. Squance. “If you’ve already been accepted to college you don’t need to do any school work. Enjoy your last hours here.”

Well, I guess I should stop before the quotes get too sappy and move on. Soon we’ll be walking at graduation and receiving our diplomas. Many of us will be leaving Oxford while others will stay, but wherever we go, we are still a part of the Talawanda Brave. We will carry the memories we have made, both good and bad, and continue to make more as we begin a new journey away from high school. Enjoy the last few school events and enjoy your spring break; good luck on any exams as well.

Well Seniors…it was a pleasure. A pleasure to learn with you, laugh with you, and celebrate with you, and write for you. Thank you for the amazing four years of knowing all of you. Teachers and staff if you read this I would like to thank you for everything you have done. I appreciate it.

Welcome to the Endgame.

Emmi Marks and Maddie Hubber giving big smiles about Spring Break.

Rory Adrian, Stevie Walczy and Olivia Baker ready to work hard before Spring Break.

Connor Woodin working so hard he couldn’t give a smile as bright as Maya Meade’s.

Alyssa Smith and Emma Steigerwald being cute AP Lit buddies.