Top Ten Newsworthy Events in Talawanda: 2018

New Superintendent

On Aug. 1, 2018 Dr. Ed Theroux took the reins as Talawanda’s new superintendent. In his first few months of office Theroux has brought along some major changes, and he seems to be doing well under all of the pressure.

A Brave New Mascot

As a community Talawanda chose to get rid of the controversial braves-head mascot. While some were sad to see it go and fought to keep the decades-long mascot, others were glad to have it removed and are ready for a fresh start. You can read about the mascot debate in the Talawanda Tribune here, here and here.


The Juul Epidemic

From a very young age it is preached to us that nicotine and smoking is extremely bad for our health, but in the recent year a lot of the students at Talawanda have turned a blind eye to that knowledge. Freshman and seniors alike have taken on this habit in and out of school and often vape in the restrooms. This not only has effects on the vapers themselves, but those who are simply trying to get through their school day and do not want to have to worry about what lurks in the restroom stalls.  

School Walkout Against Gun Violence

As a highschool student in 2018 exams and grades aren’t the only things that stress me out but also our country’s lack of gun control. On Feb. 14, 2018, a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida killing seventeen students and staff members and injuring seventeen others. As a school we honored those who were killed in the shooting as well as the survivors with a school wide walk to show our support.  You can read about the Walkout and school violence in the Talawanda Tribune here.


New Resource Officer at THS

Our beloved Officer Squance has moved to Kramer Elementary and in his place the school hired Officer Butler.  Butler has his eyes set on controlling the Juul problem.

New Football Coach Hired

Mr. Vonderheide resigned as the Talawanda football coach. On Dec. 17, 2018 the School Board voted on the new football coach: Larry Cox. Cox has over 20 years experiencing coaching football at Lakota West and led West to two league Championships and five state playoffs. Cox has also been twice named the Associated Press’ Southwest Ohio Coach of the Year.

Maddy Iden Qualified for State

Maddy Iden, a sophomore on the Girl’s Cross Country team made it to States. She is the first female cross country runner from Talawanda to make it to State in the last 30 years. You can read about her in the Talawanda Tribune here.

Good luck Maddy!

Boys Soccer SWOC champions

Talawanda won the SWOC for the third year in a row with a 12-0-0 conference record.  Talawanda senior Sam Robinson was named SWOC Athlete of the Year and will be playing soccer for the University of Cincinnati in 2019.  Three Talawanda boys were named to First Team All Conference: Sam Robinson, Quinn Flaspohler and Tristan Fontaine.

Choir at the State House

Talawanda choir went and performed at the State House. Their performance was broadcasted on live television. You can read and watch a video about Fermata Nowhere’s impromptu Steak & Shake performance in the Talawanda Tribune here.

Mcghehey is Back

Talawanda welcomed back Mr. Mcghehey. Mcghehey student taught with Mr. Caudill last spring and is a Talawanda alum.  This year he is a freshman world history and the AP world history teacher. You can read Talawanda Tribune’s profile on Mcghehey here.